Alpha II Offers Free Claim Scrubbing Trial

The Change Healthcare cybersecurity event has impacted healthcare operations across the country. Alpha II joins the healthcare IT community who are offering services to assist providers experiencing disruptions in their revenue cycle. For a limited time, Alpha II is offering a free 30-day trial of ClaimStaker, our clinical claim scrubbing tool.

  • What is Alpha II ClaimStaker?
  • What is the offer?
  • What is the benefit?
  • When is this available?

What is Alpha II ClaimStaker?

Alpha II is a leading healthcare RCM technology solutions provider. For decades, Alpha II’s software-as-a-service products have supported medical coding, compliance, revenue analysis, and claims editing for healthcare providers.

ClaimStaker is our clinical claim scrubbing solution that goes beyond simple claim edits to focus on clinical usage and appropriateness of your data. For example, you can verify the appropriateness of modifiers, ensure all components of your injections are billed, verify medical necessity beyond payer policies, and so much more. We have an expansive library of professional, institutional, and claim edits that will help you save valuable staff time and reduce days in A/R by sending correct claims the first time.

What is the offer?

For a limited time, Alpha II is offering a free 30-day trial of ClaimStaker. Any providers affected by the Change Healthcare cybersecurity event can register to use our industry-leading claim scrubber to verify and correct claim data before sending to the payer for adjudication.

What is the benefit?

Healthcare providers affected by the Change Healthcare cybersecurity event must find alternative methods of claim submission, such as manual input on a payer’s electronic portal or submitting paper claims. One of the issues with these submission methods is not being able to check for errors, which significantly increases the chance for rejections and denials. In this time of increased manual processes and limited resources, taking time to ensure you’re sending clean claims is crucial to your bottom line.

When is this available?

Healthcare providers can register for a trial today and be ready to scrub their claim data with a quick turnaround. The free trial is active for 30-days with the option for providers to extend claim scrubbing.

How does it work?

While ClaimStaker is mostly integrated in EHRs and billing systems across the country, it does have manual scrubbing capabilities. Providers will need to have access to their 837P/I file from their billing system to take advantage of this offer. As for our edits, users will be initially set-up with a configuration based on their specialty and given a brief training on how to use the client portal. Once you register for the trial, complete your billing in your current system, then download/extract the 837 file. You will upload the file to ClaimStaker, then download the scrub report showing suggested corrections. Return to your billing system, make desired corrections, then proceed with claim submission.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the 837 file from my vendor?

Each vendor has specific instructions for how to extract the 837P/I. Contact your vendor for specific instructions.

My vendor does not allow me to extract an 837 file. Is there another file format I can use?

No, ClaimStaker requires an 837P or 837I for scrubbing.

How long does it take to scrub my file?

ClaimStaker runs each claim through our numerous edits with sub-second timing, resulting in near-instantaneous report download.

What happens when my free trial expires?

Alpha II will give you seven days to cancel your ClaimStaker subscription. After that, your subscription will renew automatically.

Can I control the edits used in my claim scrubbing?

Yes, as a trial user, you will have access to our user-friendly portal, the same portal where you upload and download your claim files. The edits will initially be configured based on your specialty, which allows for immediate use. However, you can turn edits on/off and even build custom edits based on your billing practices.

Can I cancel my trial?

Yes, you can cancel your trial at any time within your 30-days. 

How does Alpha II protect our data?

Alpha II ClaimStaker is HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certified. This demonstrates that Alpha II has met demanding regulatory compliance and industry-defined requirements to appropriately manage risk. Alpha II has demonstrated regulatory compliance against authoritative sources such as HIPAA, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and dozens of others. This achievement places Alpha II in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification.

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